Embracing Cultural Traditions by Making Mooncakes – Premier Minns Joined Intergenerational Members of CASS Celebrating Moon Festival

Premier Chris Minns took a break from his busy schedule on 22 September to participate in an event that brought joy to the children at CASS Gumnut Early Learning Centre in Hurstville in which he crafted mooncakes with them.


Upon arrival at the Centre, Premier Minns was greeted by Board members of CASS, including Chairperson Dr Bo Zhou and Honorary Executive Director Mr Henry Pan OAM. Dr Zhou expressed his delight, saying, “We are thrilled that you joined with us today to celebrate the traditional Moon Festival. As CASS serves like one big family, we gather here today to share joy with our loved ones.”


“The event is also an opportunity to include intergeneration showing the significance of preserving cultural practices which enhance our lives and connect us to our heritage.”


The celebration began with an engaging narrative by a senior about the origin and evolution of the Moon Festival, emphasising the importance for young Chinese descendants to embrace and understand their traditional culture.


The celebrity chef, Mrs May Lee, then delivered a live demonstration and shared her expertise with Premier Minns and the children on crafting snow-skin mooncakes. With her hand-to-hand guidance, Premier Minns rolled out the dough with curiosity, filled the mooncakes with passion, used moulds to shape them with energy, and presented his handmade creations with delight to the captivated audience. His first attempt at crafting a mooncake was paid off.


Joining an enthusiastic group of children and seniors, Premier Minns got his hands busy with flour, fillings, and creativity. He remarked, “As both the Premier of New South Wales and the representative for the Kogarah electorate, it is truly an honour for me to accept this invitation from CASS and visit a place that holds great importance for me personally. Celebrating the Moon Festival with new and old friends of the Chinese community is indeed a privilege.”


The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is an occasion that brings families together in many East Asian countries.


CASS is the brand name of a well-respected services provider in the community providing a comprehensive range of social and welfare services, including child care, residential aged care, home ageing, disability, vocation & training, settlement & health services, and many more, to the multicultural communities. Every week, more than 6,000 families access its services and activities.


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