Little chefs

Children have the opportunities to promote their ability through touching, tasting and experiencing the processes of making food in a safe environment. All children are encouraged to participant in our little chefs program, for them to have a turn of adding ingredients into our pizza, lasagne or even as simple as adding cheese or making fresh juices.

Sunshine Excursions

Excursion is a very powerful and positive learning tool which enhances the social, personal and emotional development of children. New and outdoor environment can help children to learn social skills to interact and improve independence, give children hands on real life experiences which they haven’t experienced in the centre, investigate and explore the world.


• Confidence and involvement in their learning 

• Effective communication skills.


Gardening is a great introduction to science, biology and chemistry, help children to understand the life circles of our vegetables and fruits. It also increases children’s curiosity in regarding to the changing of our plants. Children get a sense of measuring skills while the plants are growing and becoming bigger through times.

Messy Science
Science helps children to develop observation and prediction skills through the discovery from one to another. It motivates children to think and to inspire what will happen next.
Artistic exploration encourages important skills such as creative thinking, adaptation, problem-solving, innovation, and follow-through. Our preschool teachers nurture children’s own artistic abilities and help them appreciate art in the broader world by engaging in diverse creative experiences.
Vocabulary expands from a few hundred words to a few thousand and word comprehension takes off during the preschool years. Our preschool programs and curriculum provide children with opportunities to integrate listening, speaking, early reading, and writing into daily activities such as recognizing letters and discriminating between sounds.