Oral Care in Beryl’s Family Day Care

Promoting Oral Health in Family Day Care (FDC) is very important, since children have spent time in FDC every week, this means educators have an important role in promoting good oral hygiene to the children. It is widely accepted that encouraging children to look after their teeth from a young age makes them more likely to have good oral hygiene as an adult.

Parents have the primary responsibility for teaching their children how to look after their teeth and gums, however FDC Educators have an important role in supporting and enforcing what children learn at home. Teaching children good habits in FDC and discuss happy Oral Care with children:

1) Brush your teeth day & night with tooth brush and fluoride tooth paste

2) Encourage healthy food and drinks, eg. Apple, Carrot, Water

3) Limit the number of sugary snacks

4) Avoid putting babies and young children to bed with a bottle

5) Encourage children who are old enough to rinse their mouth with water after each meal and snack.

6) Regular dental check at dentist

7) Bright Smile Everyday!



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